Last Updated Feb/02/2023


Jason Carter

Current Positions

Senior Product Designer @Rocket Travel

Design Advisor @Stealth Startup


Design systems, Strategy



Howdy. I'm Jason, a designer who has live all across the south, but currently lives in Chicago. Moving 14 times by the time I went to UGA gave me an understanding of embracing the unkown. Its a big part of why I love software is its inheritly etheral nature. I'm a design generalist, but I've been working in Whitelabels, Travel, and Incentivization for a few years.

My free time is spread across a few projects like painting, growing a small mushroom farm, hiking, and building an antisocial network.

I like to live in chaos and organize it where necessisary. I think websites should be far more magical. I like that sometimes you can't read things on my site. It's set to the pace I breathe at while meditating.


01. Principal Design Advisor @Stealth Startup

Nov/22 – Today

Description coming soon. (but we're gonna make sure you see less ads everywhere 😉)

02. Flights @Rocket Travel

Aug/21 – Today

Designed a 0 → 1 platform for booking/managing flights and their payments. Decreased booking errors by 97.7% (63%{60,80,67,25,30,6,2,2}1.48%), and cart abandonment by 80%

03. Activities @Rocket Travel

Aug/21 – Today

We had an existing product that was viable but not loveable or consistent with our other product offerings, this project was kinda a 0.5 → 1. I delved deep into what the unique problems booking activities had that we could turn into opportunities, using those designs as sepperators from the rest of our platform. The rest of the designs I updated using the design system we were building at the time.

04. Design Systems @Rocket Travel

Aug/21 – Today

Convergence of 3 seperate Open source design systems into one controlled system full of tokens and love.

05. Design Ops @Rocket Travel

Aug/21 – Today

Simplified files in complexity and weight to make designing faster and designs clearer for engineers. Created template files for multiple verticals to maintain a source of truth.

06. International Shipping @Ascent

Jul/20 – Aug/21

Revamped existing designs from the early 2000's to the modern era. performed dozens of usability tests leading to improved IA, visual design and UX.

07. Audience Builders @TrueData

Dec/18 – Mar/20

08. Analytics @TrueData

Dec/18 – Mar/20

My first product as a Design lead, overhauled True Data's exhisting analytics to make them beautiful and most importantly, actionable. Allowed clients to interact with our charting and make customer segments off of highlights. Updated visuals and UX from customer research.

09. Design Systems @Nielsen

Jul/16 – Dec/18

As a Jr. designer, supported our team at large to build a fully interactive design system in Axure. Learned about what design systems were, how they are structured and made a lot of mistakes along the way. Very fun project.

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